India Online Poker Championship-2018

The Spartan Poker is one of the leading and reliable gaming portals as far as online poker game concerned. It hosted the 2nd edition of India Online Poker Championship 2018 and it was concluded successfully. The tournament went on for 10 days and poker players across the country took part in it. The 2nd edition featured 55 tournaments altogether and there was a coveted prize for winners. The prize was a brand new Jeep Compass. The tournament was indeed a big hit and the big prize winners were Sangeeth Mohan and Pulkit Goyal from Bathinda, Punjab and Kochi respectively. Mr. Goyal won the Jeep Compass and Mr. Mohan won the largest prize money of Rs 1928988.

Sangeeth Mohan led a total of 682 entries and faced a big challenge which prolonged for about 11 hours and then he was awarded as the main event winner. Mohan said it was a long way to victory and he had an opportunity to compete with some of the best skilled players which made the game more challenging and interesting. He was thrilled when he made it to the top and now eagerly looking forward to the next edition.

As per Pulkit Goyal, The IOPC of the Spartan Poker had again raised expectations of all poker players with some best individual tournaments and leaderboard prizes like the Jeep Compass. He expressed his happiness on achieving one of the best prizes which is the SUV and he gave it his best shot. The poker champion is now anxiously waiting for the next edition of IOPC.

The Co Founder and Managing Director of The Spartan Poker said it’s just the 2nd edition and it’s already growing bigger as more and more players are participating. The tournament has grown from 16 k to 17k in the 2nd edition of the year. This is indeed an outstanding response which keeps the management to bring more of such national tournaments every year for players.

Sean Yu, The Global Casino Champion Adds Commerce Poker Title

In the past two months Sean Yu pocketed over $200,000 of the prize amount after his second score.

Yu has won the Commerce Poker Series $1,100 Main Event and have got the prize amount of $209,030.

This is the biggest win for Yu and it has come to him just after winning the WSOP Global Casino Championship in which earned nearly $300,000 prize amount. He qualified for the event by winning the WSOP Circuit Main Event last September in Las Vegas for another $170,000. After his latest win, Yu has now crossed the winning amount of $1.5 million cashes in the live tournament.

Furthermore, before the start of this tournament, Yu pledged that he will donate five percent his win to Hurricane Harvey relief. This information was revealed by Commerce Poker’s Twitter, the platform is covering this event. After winning the amount Yu stuck to his words and announced the donation of 5 percent.

Results of official final table

• First place Sean Yu he won the prize amount of $209,030.

Second place Chahn Jun he won the prize amount of $123,680.

• Third place Berkeley Yuan he won the prize amount of $79,260.

• Fourth place Michael Zelman he won the prize amount of $52,150.

• Fifth place Michael Pearson he won the prize amount of $40,570.

• Sixth place Hsiao Liu he won the prize amount of $33,560.

• Seventh place Ross Tesser he won the prize amount of $28,150.

• Eighth place Ubaid Habib he won the prize amount of $22,970.

• Ninth place Mark Mazza he won the prize amount of $19,440.

The tournament boasted the guaranteed prize of $1 million, but the final event fell short of meeting the guaranteed prize by nearly $100K. This meant that Commerce had to kick in an overlay.

Atlantic City Got A New Casino

The Atlantic City, who showed closing of some of the casinos in the last years, got a new casino added in its list. And with this casino, the number of casinos in the city has again moved to 8.

The Trump Taj Mahal reopens will make it possible. The casino will open next year on the Memorial Day weekend.

The rebranding of the casino has been done as ‘Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City’, after Hard Rock International, which was owned by Seminole Indian tribe of Florida, bought this casino just for four cents on the dollar. After that Donald Trump the president of the USA built this casino almost 30 years ago involving the cost of $1.2 billion, however, it was sold in 2017 for the amount of $50 million.

The people of Hard Rock said they are spending approximately $400 million on the casino’s renovation work.

It is not like it was not opened prior to this, The Taj re-opened it in May 2016, but only for a short period of time. Presently, the casino is the second largest in the city with 48 poker tables. However, Hard Rock has not made the announcement yet, whether there will be poker room in the casino or not.

When Taj was operational, it was the highest grossing in the city. And at the time it was closed it reached to the level of worst performer casino in the city.

The Chairman of Hard Rock International, Jim Allen said “To be the part of this renovation work, we are really excited. The renovation and restart of casino will provide thousands of jobs to the local people in the city.”

“Before taking the deal, we were 100 percent sure that Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City will become successful.”

Four Atlantic City casinos closed in 2014, and the Taj made it no. 5 two years later. Atlantic City was once home to 12 casinos, the same number as in neighboring Pennsylvania.

Demidov Never Paid For WSOP Second Finish

The 2008 World Series of Poker was different for many and it was different for player Ivan Demidov as well.

For him the difference was not just the changed format of the game, but a latest news has revealed that he was not paid the win amount that time. And, still he has not paid the winning amount. That year in the WSOP, Peter Eastgate was the winner of the main event and Ivan Demidov finished as the runner-up.

A runner-up he was entitled to receive the winning amount of $5.8 million. This is the amount that can change anybody’s life. With the amount one could create the foundation of their future. But unfortunately, Demidov never saw that money.

A news was revealed in an article published on Demidov career, after few years of this incident. In an interview on Demidov, it was revealed that the player never got the runner up amount. His finish to the second position was not the pot of gold. And it wasn’t the way it looks.

He said in the interview that, “The second finish in the 2008 WSOP event changed my life. And it is not because I won a big gold pot. But, the reason was I haven’t received any till date”. “It is a dark and long story, but ultimately I was not paid by my backer and thus I got no prize money.” He said.

Although, the 2008 WSOP did not give him the winning amount, but, he got a good life to live happily because of the second finish in the event. He said, “PokerStar signed a contract with. Also, with the help of them, I was able to open a website in Russia and also playing in the events and living a happy life.” He added.

Poker And Charity Event Feb 2017

Jamie Gold, Liv Boeree and Brad Garrett are in the limelight this week as they are pitching in for a poker event that promises to hand back the earnings to charity foundations such as Raising for Effective Giving, The Giving Back Fund and Maximum Hope Foundation.

This unique event combines charity and poker that makes it a good cause to come under highlights this week.

The Giving Back Fund is using poker as a way of raising funds which will be part of the Big Game Big Give Super Bowl party that will be held on February 4th this year. It is a collaboration that the fund has formed with poker organizers and they have gotten the pro players to come in for this cause. Michael and Liza Holthouse will be hosting the event which will held in their Houston property. Michael is a cofounder of a computer network company and also acts as chairman of a nonprofit organization called Holthouse Foundation for Kids.

Jamie Gold who is a pro player of 2006 WSOP Main Event fame would be hosting a VIP celebrity game in poker. The buy in amount would be $2000 and the cap would be 160 per player. Gold would also be donating as a poker coach and dishing out the book that he has authored called Million Dollar Secrets of the Pros. Josh Brolin would be a host as well who has an Oscar nomination in one of his accolades as an actor. There would be others like Ross from Friends as well as Michael Phelps. The proceeds would be forwarded to several nonprofit foundations such as several medical research organizations. The event has been held in previous years as well and has had a record fundraising such as for the Super Bowl.

December Sees Unibet Poker 2.0

First of December saw the launch of Unibet Poker 2.0.

This is a new software that was pending release and many customers have been looking forward to using this new platform and its new features. From 2014 in February Unibet moved away from the Microgaming Poker Network. It is now a poker online network that functions by itself and is powered by the Relax Gaming Company. The online company released the Unibet Poker in the second version for its customers around the world on 1st of December.

The new software and its features were showcased at an Open event in Copenhagen in August 2016. The software then went into a beta testing closed period when a selected group used the software to test it out and ensure that all features and functions were running smoothly.

The first version was built to run on Adobe Air but the second version can run on HTML5. Unibet has made this change as it has been seen that crashes are reduced as well as the software runs faster and more smoothly. It is available for running on mobile devices, tablets and on desktops. There are several noticeable features that are available in the new version such as improved graphics that are sure to dazzle the players as well as a loyalty scheme that integrates player history and allows one to play on different tables simultaneously.

New gaming features will also be added to this platform from time to time. As of now, Unibet is launching several promotional events around this software release. There is a raffle event lined up for January for which preparations have already started. With world trips to be won and other exciting prizes, Unibet regulars are excited to be part of the online community of this poker company.

Lawlor Wins €65,000 At WPT National Ireland

Richard Lawlor is the latest poker player to win the World Poker Tour Championship after his successful victory at the recently concluded 2016 World Poker Tour National Ireland Main Event.

He is pleased that he was able to trounce 260 players to get his hands on the winning trophy as well as the 65,000 Euro prize money. He now joins a long list of many World Poker Tour champions. Alan Kelleher was placed second and he collected prize money of €42,500 and Raymond Masters earned €27,500 for his 3rd position finish.

There were plenty of United Kingdom poker players and many popular and talented Irish players who took part in the €1,100 buy-in main event at the National Ireland WPT event.

In fact, popular players like Michael Fletcher, Andy Black and Louis Salter did not get a chance to enter into the money places. It was the turn of Ian Simpson, Cathal Shine and Bob Tait to enter into the cash prize zone and Ian ended up in the 16th place at the end of Day 2 of the main event.

The Day 3 started with 14 players bidding for the title that included party poker ambassadors Natalia Breviglieri and Tony Dust. But, they did not get too far on the Day 3 and Dust ended up in the 14th place. After this, Peter Murphy, Daniel Tighe and Gatis Cibulis also bit the dust and were sidelined. This meant that there were nine hands at the final table with Lawlor leading with 1,815,000 chips.

One by one each of the players busted out and Lawlor entered the heads up with 5,600,000 chips with Kelleher just holding 2,140,000 chips. It took 56 hands and a stiff challenge before Lawlor sent his opponent Kelleher home. Kelleher had to settle for second place with having just ace-six to show against Lawlor’s king-deuce.

Industry shift to help recreational poker players

If you are a recreational online poker enthusiast who does not log in any more and plays at the real poker tables, this could be a great time that you return to your old poker room account and get your hands on it.

The whole online poker sector is altering in a grand way, with tables pitching heavily in privilege of “recs” over “regs.” The operators of poker sites are stooping over backwards to pull in casual players, doing their best to make the whole game scene more invoking to non-professionals.

Last week, both TonyBet Poker and 888poker declared the forthcoming loyalty program alterations projected to dole out more honors to casual enthusiasts at the expense of high volume grinders as well as winning players. That follows similar alterations at PokerStars that went into effect at the start of this year.

The whole estimation is to bring in the rolls of recreational enthusiasts last longer, thereby enhancing their online playing experience. If casual players relish their time spent playing the game online, they would be more likely to make future deposits. Those deposits lodges are what keep poker rooms thriving and afloat.

The vamping at 888poker would start on 28th March when VIP program would henceforth be called the 888poker Club. The alterations are heavy on gamification as well as light on rakeback, with player rewards aimed on filling in different challenges.

New Jersey casino expansion finally agreed

The legislators of New Jersey have finally come to a deal on a doubt to be put before voters on the November ballot about the probable expansion of the gambling industry of the state outside Atlantic City.

The contract put an end to long running heated arguments on which one of the two suggested legislations must be presented to voters. In 2015, Steve Sweeney, the New Jersey Senate President, and Vincent Prieto, the Assembly Speaker, introduced two separate but very same type of bills for the governance of two casinos in North Jersey.

Fundamentally, the proposals dissented in who must run the brand new gambling places and how much of the profit they generate must go to the Atlantic City in a run to help in battling off in-state contest. Under Senator Sweeney’s plan, both installations would have been handled by the present Atlantic City gambling firms and half of their tax profits would have proceeded to the once-popular gambling hub.

Under Prieto’s bill, only one of the new establishments must have been run by an operator that had already brought in its services within their state border. Thus, top gambling firms would have been offered the scope to come into the New Jersey market.

For a long time now, top legislators have attempted to have an agreement deciding which one of the two plans was better for the Atlantic City as well as state as a whole. And the contract was struck on Monday, just one day before the end of the 2 year legislative session.

Pratyush Buddiga: A Handsome Player of the Poker.

He is the youngest player of the poker. He is basically from Colorado Springs United States.

Total casino winnings were $3,856,288 and 3 carrier titles, 38carriers cashes. In 2015 he has won 13 Poker players in this year and total points are 1698.he started playing from around 2010. He has in full-fledged in 2014. Afterwards it going decreases. He has played in many of the series. He has not played in world poker tour. But he gave his best in his every match.

He has won $214,847 winnings in World Series of poker. 11 cashes he won in this series and he went to 1 final table in the same. He has won $392,525 winnings in European poker tour, 4 cash and gone through 4 final tables. He has won $63,556 winnings in the poker of the year and he has ranked at 13th rank. He has not played in European poker tour. He played very gracefully in year of 2014 and his graph was at top afterword his graph was consistently decreasing. Recently he played in World Series of poker. Sometimes he is very rude and because of that his graph is decreasing.

He has recently played on 28th march 2015. Which was European poker tour and game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em and winnings were $71,486 and placed at 1st place from 140 entries and total buy in was $2445 and prize pool was $297,858. His top cash game was played on 2nd Nov 2014. Total buy-in was $64,500 and prize pool was $6,250,534. He was placed at 3rd rank in this series game type was No Limit Hold’Em and total points was 340. Total entries of this game were 52.